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Welcome to another MoneyMaking.Expert Wealth Hack for future Financial Prosperity
It’s Tuesday and we have another hand-picked online arbitrage opportunity for you.
Today’s deal is the Ted Baker Jeanie Flora Make Up Cosmetic Wash Bag in Mid Grey Black which you can review at the sites shown below:

buying site image 007
buying site qr image 007
Buying Site QR Code:

Buying Notes:

  • Use Discount Code: Get 20% off using VIP20
  • Buy Price: £15.20
  • Weight: 0.14Kg
  • Website

selling site image 007
selling site qr code image 007
Selling Site QR Code:

Selling Notes:

  • ASIN: B09JMYJ76M
  • Amazon Price: £27.94
  • Category: Luggage
  • Website


Remember to use discount code, and look for other deals/colours with that same code
A ROI of 31%
Several sellers, all low quantity.
Lowest 5 sellers all priced as above
This is a tight margin, slow sales, but decent product that won’t time out.

Good luck! Please do let us know if you find these useful –

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