Another Tried & Tested Arbitrage Opportunity – No:001

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Welcome to another MoneyMaking.Expert Wealth Hack for future Financial Prosperity

Today we have a unique online arbitrage opportunity

You can buy the Avene 70001 Couvrance Liquid Concealer Foundation 30 ml from the site below:

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Buying Notes:

  • Buying is via Hermes at around £5 so best to buy at least 5 items to reduce shipping cost per unit
  • Buy Price £12.05
  • Weight: 0.05Kg
  • Website
Selling Site Image Link 001

Selling Notes:

Selling Site QR Link 001
Sell QR Code
  • ASIN: B078HM7VNS
  • Sell price: 24.00
  • Category: Beauty
  • Website


This is a tidy offer with a good return on investment.
the things to watch out for is whether your account is ungated for beauty products.
The other important factors are that there are quite a few other sellers, although most of these have 5 or less in stock.
This suggest that most of these sellers are ‘arbers’ (selling arbitrage offers).
It would be easy enough to sit on 6-10 of these and wait your turn. It shouldn’t take long to see sales filtering through.
there is one power buyer with over 175 stock items, so I would be tempted to price match that seller then just sit and let it play out.
The power seller is currently listing their stock at £23.93, so not a bad price to match up to.

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